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ETD39 - Yes, another late post. My bad.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and/or thought of me this morning! I'm grateful for that, and also grateful that the questions were OK and I think I did myself justice as much as possible in an exam; it's also gratifying when people walk out having had the same experience as you, namely finding the latter essay questions harder than the earlier more specific ones.

So that's 50% of my finals done now (but only 33.3% of my exams...), and I am glad to get it out of the way because it was the one I was stressing about most, so now it's onwards and upwards to a cheeky bit of New Testament Christology on Friday morning, and then some Disputed Questions in the Christian Tradition on Monday afternoon. And then I'm free, but that's a lot of revision away, so we won't talk about that. NT papers have always served me well, getting solid 2.1s, so I'm hoping that continues on Friday, and then Monday's paper, the one with the awesome supervisor, I'm hoping will be OK as well.

Early congratulations to Lauren and Dearbhy, who will be finishing tomorrow (technically today) - best of luck! So then it'll only be me in the house who hasn't finished... bad times. But I'm really not stressing about these papers as much. Is that a bad thing? Possibly. We'll see how I feel tomorrow evening! I think that worrying about today's exam really gave my revision an edge, and I think that served me quite well, but maybe it's not the ideal way to prepare. Or maybe it is.

This is a long, rambling post which I think should probably be drawn into a conclusion. And so I leave you with a reminder to continue checking Tobias' blog, as he now takes on a new challenge: namely, giving up chocolate for a calendar month. Why, oh why would you do that? That's almost (but not) as bad as giving up meat. Maybe I just want to have my cake and eat it. Or, preferably, have my steak and eat it.

Night all.
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