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ETD47 - Under Pressure!

So I didn't win the Weakest Link. I was voted off fourth, so at least I wasn't first off, but I'm really annoyed with myself for getting these three questions wrong:

Q: Who created the character Big Ears?
Me: Umm... Pass!
A: Enid Blyton

Oops. That was in a round I didn't get voted off in. Then the two in the next round, when I was (correctly!) voted off:

Q: In the Chinese Calendar of years (or something like that) which is the only big cat?
Me: *thinking Tiger* Lion
A: Tiger
Me: *thinking 'crap'*

Q: At which battle between the British and Danish in 1801 did Nelson famously refuse to retreat, Copenhagen or the Nile?
Me: *started thinking definitely Copenhagen, then second guessed myself* The Nile
A: Copenhagen
Me: *I am definitely off!*

And I was off. Deservedly so. I wish I hadn't second-guessed myself, but I think after I got that Blyton question wrong I started questioning myself. Annoyingly.

But it was really good fun, a great day. And I massively enjoyed having some banter with Anne Robinson. I sang a little, flirted a little, defended the faith a little, so it's all good. I hope a lot of it gets screened, I think it was really good television, which as Tobias would tell me is what it's all about!

Love to you all.
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