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ETD45 - The sweet taste of freedom!

How good does this feel? Very! I am now officially a graduand. Superb. I have nothing to do until Graduation except socialise. What a hard life I am now leading! Today, for example, I met Scott when he finished his finals at 12 (along with Andy), then went for lunch and a couple of drinks, then met Rachael when she finished her finals at 4.30, went for a couple of drinks, had dinner, then have been out again this evening! Having nothing to do is so good. And now I'm munching on a bit of kebab meat. Amazing.

I'm really happy with myself because I sprayed Scott with a bottle of sparkling wine and Rachael with a bottle of bucks fizz, and all those years of Grand Prix watching have paid off because I kept that spray going for a long long long time. Ultimate satisfaction, and uber-stickiness.

Massive thanks to Tobias who came to pick me up from my exam yesterday along with Erica. And he came all the way in to town, which is a long way for an Education student! Don't forget to check his blog to see how he's enjoying his radio-filled week.

PS He ate a chocolate today - maybe two - but don't tell anyone!

Love to you all.
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