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So I didn't update yesterday - my apologies for that. I had a busy afternoon/evening, what with watching the Lions put in a less than convincing performance in their first tour match, before bombing down to London on the train for the engagement party.

Today has been workworkworkworkwork, especially as I was feeling guilty yesterday for not working. And while I can't wait to finish my exams, I'm also now really nervous about tomorrow's exam, and not feeling as confident as I was at all. The blessing is that each question will only take 45 minutes, so you can't go into massive detail in that, if the question is quite broad. If it's narrower, however, I will be a lot more nervous! So I'm going to do more work tonight, until about midnight, then get up tomorrow and finish my revision before [takes a break from typing to put pie in the oven] heading over to take my exam. I'm glad that I'm nervous again now, because hopefully it means that I'll focus really intently in these final few hours.

Everyone in the house is going out tonight (except Jen, who's still at home), which is making me pretty jealous, but as of tomorrow I will be FREE, which is what I'm holding on to now! It also disappoints me to see that Tobias ate some chocolate, thus derailing his plan somewhat, so don't forget to keep reading his blog to see how he copes with the guilt and how he gets back on track.

Prayers very much appreciated tonight and tomorrow!

Love to you all.
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