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It is with trepidation that I write this slightly late blog, knowing that when I wake up in the morning I will have one more day of revision before I sit one of my finals! Tomorrow I am going to immerse myself in primary texts all morning to make sure that I have my understandings of them correct, and to try to memorize some quotations, and then it's just essay revision all afternoon and evening. That's the plan, anyway! I can see primary text reading dragging into the early afternoon, but that should be fine.

Today was another UL-filled day. I had my last ever (possibly, although you never know!) supervision, a revision supervision for next Monday's paper. It's the supervisor I have probably previously raved about, Revd. Dr Stephen Hampton, Dean of Peterhouse College. He's absolutely amazing. We're going to meet up for coffee next week or the week after just to have a chat, talk about my plans for the future etc. Legend. So apart from that, I spent all day in the UL. Which I have decided will be responsible if I do well in my exams - it's such a good place to work, with no distractions, unlike Homerton library!

Tobias is, apparently, 82.5% of the way through his finals, and will finish tomorrow. As will Jen. Amy finished today, Lauren and Dearbhla finish on Thursday. So swing by Tobias' blog to see how he feels - there may be an early blog tomorrow, as he has evening plans.

God bless you all. Please pray for memory application and retention for myself and all my housemates!
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