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Went to the UL today, spent a lot of time highlighting stuff, but then my highlighters ran out so I had to come back home and use the ones I'd left in my room. But my guitar was in here. Half an hour later I got back to work... It was just one of those days, I feel, where your attention wanders in and out and it's hard to maintain focus. It's just as well I'd forgotten the Heineken Cup Final was on, though, otherwise I would have definitely gone and watched it, which would have been an error.

Back to the highlighting front, it's always disconcerting when you're only highlighting important things, or things you didn't know before, and end up with almost an entire page of yellow!

Just watched Britain's Got Talent, and am gutted that they're doing the live semi-finals this week. Why why why?! I won't be able to watch them. Unless I have a ridiculously late dinner!

More highlighting/work now, then bed I think.

Remember to see how Tobias has been getting on, as he faces one more day of revision then two exams days before welcoming freedom with open arms.

Love to you all.
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