Luke Aylward (crazyluke) wrote,
Luke Aylward


Unsurprisingly, more work has been done today! It was nicely broken up in the afternoon with a revision discussion session with Rachael and Andy for one of our papers - it's always nice to discuss stuff rather than just reread things for the umpteenth time, especially as Rachael has had a different supervisor from us, and he's the one running the course! So I hope we picked up some good insights there.

Just had a brilliant 2 hour rugby session, loads of flair on display and probably the most fun we've had in a sesh all year - which is really nice and relaxing less than a week before exams start!

Shower time now, then dinner, then I'm going to read some essays this evening.

Tobias started his exams today, so head over to his blog to see how he felt it went.

God bless.
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