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'... the main thing the Atonement does to benefit us is to give us access to a divine love on whose power we must rely in order to become better persons ... such an account would, by virtue of highlighting the efficacy of the Atonement in improving the characters of sinners, be better balanced than satisfaction-theoretic rivals, such as those proposed by Anselm and Aquinas, which are dominated by legalistic concerns with paying debts of honor [sic] or punishment.' - Philip L. Quinn, Abelard on Atonement

Such are the thoughts that have been running around my head today, and continue to do so tonight, having spent the day studying Anselm's theory of atonement based around satisfaction for human sin, and Abelard's based more around the benefit of grace conferred on us by Christ, working in the human heart.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to comment. It's such a fascinating subject. It's on days like these that I realise how much I actually do like theology! Especially dealing with the greatest thinkers of days gone by. I feel especially drawn to the patristic and medieval thinkers, as opposed to those of the Reformation or later. Which is funny, given my Protestantism. Maybe I just find them easier to read, or maybe I've just done more of it. Or maybe 19th Century thinkers especially were a long way up their own backsides - Christian and non-Christian (coughKantcough). At least Anselm has the good grace to admit that he could be entirely wrong.

So today has seen me, after my accidental lie-in, do about 7-8 hours of work in the UL, and I'm just finishing some stuff up now. It has been a really enjoyable day actually, which is pleasing this close to the exams, and is because I really enjoy this paper - even if it does take a LONG time to read Anselm. And that really is literally all I've done today. But that's to be expected, given how close we are to exams.

This may be the first time in a while that I've written more than Tobias in my blog. As you'll find out when you head over there, he just wants to get underway, and get things done. I'm content to have a little while longer to make sure that I've formulated my thoughts properly, and in such a way that I can express them.

God bless.
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