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ETDs 28 and 29

As Tobias has pointed out, I forgot to blog yesterday. How remiss of me. Apologies to you all.

Yesterday was quite a busy day. Lots of work done, especially in the UL - that place is so intense! Managed to catch the second half of the rugby premiership final; it was, unsurprisingly, a pretty nervy affair. I feel a bit bad for Mike Catt that Irish didn't win, but Leicester did what they always seem to do. Grr.

And then in the evening 'twas Eurovision time. The Norwegian entry was pretty good, to be fair, but I wasn't sure it deserved to win by quite so much! I wanted the Danes to win, if we didn't, but that's probably only because Ronan Keating co-wrote it, and the sound was quite 'British'.

Today it's work work work before church in the evening. Just had brunch with serenasnape and Alastair at Robinson, which was lovely - doesn't really put you in the mood to work though! But I must.

After I've put some underwear in the washing machine...
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