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Thursday, June 4th, 2009
6:48 pm - ETD47 - Under Pressure!
So I didn't win the Weakest Link. I was voted off fourth, so at least I wasn't first off, but I'm really annoyed with myself for getting these three questions wrong:

Q: Who created the character Big Ears?
Me: Umm... Pass!
A: Enid Blyton

Oops. That was in a round I didn't get voted off in. Then the two in the next round, when I was (correctly!) voted off:

Q: In the Chinese Calendar of years (or something like that) which is the only big cat?
Me: *thinking Tiger* Lion
A: Tiger
Me: *thinking 'crap'*

Q: At which battle between the British and Danish in 1801 did Nelson famously refuse to retreat, Copenhagen or the Nile?
Me: *started thinking definitely Copenhagen, then second guessed myself* The Nile
A: Copenhagen
Me: *I am definitely off!*

And I was off. Deservedly so. I wish I hadn't second-guessed myself, but I think after I got that Blyton question wrong I started questioning myself. Annoyingly.

But it was really good fun, a great day. And I massively enjoyed having some banter with Anne Robinson. I sang a little, flirted a little, defended the faith a little, so it's all good. I hope a lot of it gets screened, I think it was really good television, which as Tobias would tell me is what it's all about!

Love to you all.

current mood: infuriated

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12:36 am - ETD46
So today is the day that sees me go and film an episode of The Weakest Link. I just hope I don't get voted off first!

Bed time now, need to get my sleep! I wonder if Tobias has blogged today.

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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009
2:43 am - ETD45 - The sweet taste of freedom!
How good does this feel? Very! I am now officially a graduand. Superb. I have nothing to do until Graduation except socialise. What a hard life I am now leading! Today, for example, I met Scott when he finished his finals at 12 (along with Andy), then went for lunch and a couple of drinks, then met Rachael when she finished her finals at 4.30, went for a couple of drinks, had dinner, then have been out again this evening! Having nothing to do is so good. And now I'm munching on a bit of kebab meat. Amazing.

I'm really happy with myself because I sprayed Scott with a bottle of sparkling wine and Rachael with a bottle of bucks fizz, and all those years of Grand Prix watching have paid off because I kept that spray going for a long long long time. Ultimate satisfaction, and uber-stickiness.

Massive thanks to Tobias who came to pick me up from my exam yesterday along with Erica. And he came all the way in to town, which is a long way for an Education student! Don't forget to check his blog to see how he's enjoying his radio-filled week.

PS He ate a chocolate today - maybe two - but don't tell anyone!

Love to you all.

current mood: ecstatic

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Monday, June 1st, 2009
12:08 pm - ETD44
So here we are. The finishing straight, the final furlong, the last lap before the chequered flag, the dying seconds before the hooter sounds and the ball is kicked off the park. In just over 4 hours, I will have finished my undergraduate degree! What an amazing yet scary thought.

I have decided, in the same fashion as Tobias did, to blog before my exam. This is because I don't know what I will be doing this evening, and whether I will want to blog or be in a fit state to do so.

I am much less relaxed than Tobias was about his final exam, but I am feeling better about it than I did yesterday so that's good!

So one last time I petition you all for prayer and thoughts, and I'll see you on the other side!

Love love love.

current mood: working

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Sunday, May 31st, 2009
9:12 pm - ETD42-3
So I didn't update yesterday - my apologies for that. I had a busy afternoon/evening, what with watching the Lions put in a less than convincing performance in their first tour match, before bombing down to London on the train for the engagement party.

Today has been workworkworkworkwork, especially as I was feeling guilty yesterday for not working. And while I can't wait to finish my exams, I'm also now really nervous about tomorrow's exam, and not feeling as confident as I was at all. The blessing is that each question will only take 45 minutes, so you can't go into massive detail in that, if the question is quite broad. If it's narrower, however, I will be a lot more nervous! So I'm going to do more work tonight, until about midnight, then get up tomorrow and finish my revision before [takes a break from typing to put pie in the oven] heading over to take my exam. I'm glad that I'm nervous again now, because hopefully it means that I'll focus really intently in these final few hours.

Everyone in the house is going out tonight (except Jen, who's still at home), which is making me pretty jealous, but as of tomorrow I will be FREE, which is what I'm holding on to now! It also disappoints me to see that Tobias ate some chocolate, thus derailing his plan somewhat, so don't forget to keep reading his blog to see how he copes with the guilt and how he gets back on track.

Prayers very much appreciated tonight and tomorrow!

Love to you all.

current mood: nervous

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Friday, May 29th, 2009
5:18 pm - ETD41
Well, I'm now 75% of the way through my finals! And starting to feel pretty good about that. This morning's exam went OK I think, the questions were OK and I had stuff to write which I think/hope was relevant, so we'll just have to wait and see. So now it's just 'Disputed Questions in the Christian Tradition' on Monday afternoon, and then I'm done! One more weekend of work and I am free for this year :D

I'm looking forward to watching The Lions in their first match tomorrow, although I may only watch the first half before going home for serenasnape's engagement party. It should be a very interesting tour, and I'm hoping that we see defensive solidity but also some real attacking flair from the Lions tomorrow, and for the rest of the tour!

As always, remember to check up on Tobias, and see how he's coping with the fact that he has nothing to do! Such a hard life.

I'm off to play rugby in a bit, and then might treat myself to a bit of Britain's Got Talent. Although there wasn't much talent on display yesterday apart from the Saxophonist Julian Smith. As someone so rightly said to me, last night's episode was a bit of a "talent vortex"!

current mood: relaxed

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Thursday, May 28th, 2009
10:06 pm - ETD40
40 days gone, but I'm not out of the wilderness quite yet! However, there isn't long to go now and I can honestly (and unsurprisingly) say that I can't wait to finish.

As I'm writing this, I'm feeling really rather relaxed about tomorrow's NT Christology exam. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not. It might be good in that being relaxed will help me to focus better on my last-minute clarification revision, and help me to answer the questions correctly. Or it might mean that actually I think I know a lot when I actually don't, and am not going to do as well as I think I might, and so I might not put enough work in in these remaining few hours of revision.

Or maybe I'm worrying about not worrying, something which I'm sure Tobias can relate to, having experienced something similar earlier this term I do believe.

So congratulations to Lauren and Dearbhy for finishing today, well done girls!

And prayers for wisdom, memory retention, knowledge, and a non-achey writing hand would be very much appreciated for tomorrow morning!

Love to you all.

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12:32 am - ETD39 - Yes, another late post. My bad.
Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and/or thought of me this morning! I'm grateful for that, and also grateful that the questions were OK and I think I did myself justice as much as possible in an exam; it's also gratifying when people walk out having had the same experience as you, namely finding the latter essay questions harder than the earlier more specific ones.

So that's 50% of my finals done now (but only 33.3% of my exams...), and I am glad to get it out of the way because it was the one I was stressing about most, so now it's onwards and upwards to a cheeky bit of New Testament Christology on Friday morning, and then some Disputed Questions in the Christian Tradition on Monday afternoon. And then I'm free, but that's a lot of revision away, so we won't talk about that. NT papers have always served me well, getting solid 2.1s, so I'm hoping that continues on Friday, and then Monday's paper, the one with the awesome supervisor, I'm hoping will be OK as well.

Early congratulations to Lauren and Dearbhy, who will be finishing tomorrow (technically today) - best of luck! So then it'll only be me in the house who hasn't finished... bad times. But I'm really not stressing about these papers as much. Is that a bad thing? Possibly. We'll see how I feel tomorrow evening! I think that worrying about today's exam really gave my revision an edge, and I think that served me quite well, but maybe it's not the ideal way to prepare. Or maybe it is.

This is a long, rambling post which I think should probably be drawn into a conclusion. And so I leave you with a reminder to continue checking Tobias' blog, as he now takes on a new challenge: namely, giving up chocolate for a calendar month. Why, oh why would you do that? That's almost (but not) as bad as giving up meat. Maybe I just want to have my cake and eat it. Or, preferably, have my steak and eat it.

Night all.

current mood: grateful

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Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
11:56 pm - ETD38
I am more nervous than I have ever been before an exam! So please please please keep praying for wisdom, a steady hand, a steady mind, and vast amounts of memory and recall!

Thank you.

And congratulations to Tobias for finishing his degree! And Jen as well, of course!

current mood: nauseated

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12:07 am - ETD37
It is with trepidation that I write this slightly late blog, knowing that when I wake up in the morning I will have one more day of revision before I sit one of my finals! Tomorrow I am going to immerse myself in primary texts all morning to make sure that I have my understandings of them correct, and to try to memorize some quotations, and then it's just essay revision all afternoon and evening. That's the plan, anyway! I can see primary text reading dragging into the early afternoon, but that should be fine.

Today was another UL-filled day. I had my last ever (possibly, although you never know!) supervision, a revision supervision for next Monday's paper. It's the supervisor I have probably previously raved about, Revd. Dr Stephen Hampton, Dean of Peterhouse College. He's absolutely amazing. We're going to meet up for coffee next week or the week after just to have a chat, talk about my plans for the future etc. Legend. So apart from that, I spent all day in the UL. Which I have decided will be responsible if I do well in my exams - it's such a good place to work, with no distractions, unlike Homerton library!

Tobias is, apparently, 82.5% of the way through his finals, and will finish tomorrow. As will Jen. Amy finished today, Lauren and Dearbhla finish on Thursday. So swing by Tobias' blog to see how he feels - there may be an early blog tomorrow, as he has evening plans.

God bless you all. Please pray for memory application and retention for myself and all my housemates!

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Sunday, May 24th, 2009
5:03 pm - ETD36
It's frustrating that at the very time when I should be concentrating hardest, my mind just wants to wander off and do its own thing. I can only hope that the application I'm putting in will reap rewards in terms of knowledge intake and retention! I treated myself to watching all of the Grand Prix in an extended lunch break which was nice, especially as Jenson Button won, and I worked well after that at first, but as you can probably tell by the fact that I'm writing this blog, attention is currently fading! I think I'll have a shower now to try and wake myself up a bit before doing a tad more work before I go to church. And then it's work work work in the evening as well. Fun times...!

Swing by Tobias' blog to see how he's got on today, and monitor his increasing frustration levels at not being able to just get into the exam room and write down what he knows.

Just as a minor aside, I had a very weird experience this morning. I had obviously slept with my arm under me, because I woke up with it completely dead. And I mean completely. It felt like rubber. It was just dangling in front of me, and when I hit it with my other arm it swung back and hit me in the face, with no resistance! Bizarre and entertaining at the same time. Perfect.

current mood: frustrated

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Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
9:55 pm - ETD35
Went to the UL today, spent a lot of time highlighting stuff, but then my highlighters ran out so I had to come back home and use the ones I'd left in my room. But my guitar was in here. Half an hour later I got back to work... It was just one of those days, I feel, where your attention wanders in and out and it's hard to maintain focus. It's just as well I'd forgotten the Heineken Cup Final was on, though, otherwise I would have definitely gone and watched it, which would have been an error.

Back to the highlighting front, it's always disconcerting when you're only highlighting important things, or things you didn't know before, and end up with almost an entire page of yellow!

Just watched Britain's Got Talent, and am gutted that they're doing the live semi-finals this week. Why why why?! I won't be able to watch them. Unless I have a ridiculously late dinner!

More highlighting/work now, then bed I think.

Remember to see how Tobias has been getting on, as he faces one more day of revision then two exams days before welcoming freedom with open arms.

Love to you all.

current mood: restless

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Friday, May 22nd, 2009
8:30 pm - ETD34
Unsurprisingly, more work has been done today! It was nicely broken up in the afternoon with a revision discussion session with Rachael and Andy for one of our papers - it's always nice to discuss stuff rather than just reread things for the umpteenth time, especially as Rachael has had a different supervisor from us, and he's the one running the course! So I hope we picked up some good insights there.

Just had a brilliant 2 hour rugby session, loads of flair on display and probably the most fun we've had in a sesh all year - which is really nice and relaxing less than a week before exams start!

Shower time now, then dinner, then I'm going to read some essays this evening.

Tobias started his exams today, so head over to his blog to see how he felt it went.

God bless.

(Ramble to me!)

Thursday, May 21st, 2009
7:02 pm - ETD33
Today's interesting thought:

"... living faith believes in that in which we ought to believe; while dead faith merely believes that which ought to be believed." - St Anselm, Monologion, LXXVII

Quite a challenging statement about not merely believing in our heads but in our hearts, and allowing that to be lived out in a life full of love.

More time in the UL today - all afternoon, again. And tonight I'll do some more reading before going to bed. It's so frustrating that exams and pressure just suck all the joy out of reading and learning.

Tobias starts his exams tomorrow, so I hope he manages to sleep well tonight!

Also, I wrote an engagment song for serenasnape and Alastair. Check it out here.

God bless.

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Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
8:15 pm - ETD32
I think that my post will be much shorter than Tobias' today. I worked this morning. I worked this afternoon. I'm watching the Apprentice in 45 minutes. I've eaten quite a lot of salad. My day really has been that boring!

In one week's time, I will be one exam down... Scary times.

God bless.

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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
11:34 pm - ETD31
'... the main thing the Atonement does to benefit us is to give us access to a divine love on whose power we must rely in order to become better persons ... such an account would, by virtue of highlighting the efficacy of the Atonement in improving the characters of sinners, be better balanced than satisfaction-theoretic rivals, such as those proposed by Anselm and Aquinas, which are dominated by legalistic concerns with paying debts of honor [sic] or punishment.' - Philip L. Quinn, Abelard on Atonement

Such are the thoughts that have been running around my head today, and continue to do so tonight, having spent the day studying Anselm's theory of atonement based around satisfaction for human sin, and Abelard's based more around the benefit of grace conferred on us by Christ, working in the human heart.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to comment. It's such a fascinating subject. It's on days like these that I realise how much I actually do like theology! Especially dealing with the greatest thinkers of days gone by. I feel especially drawn to the patristic and medieval thinkers, as opposed to those of the Reformation or later. Which is funny, given my Protestantism. Maybe I just find them easier to read, or maybe I've just done more of it. Or maybe 19th Century thinkers especially were a long way up their own backsides - Christian and non-Christian (coughKantcough). At least Anselm has the good grace to admit that he could be entirely wrong.

So today has seen me, after my accidental lie-in, do about 7-8 hours of work in the UL, and I'm just finishing some stuff up now. It has been a really enjoyable day actually, which is pleasing this close to the exams, and is because I really enjoy this paper - even if it does take a LONG time to read Anselm. And that really is literally all I've done today. But that's to be expected, given how close we are to exams.

This may be the first time in a while that I've written more than Tobias in my blog. As you'll find out when you head over there, he just wants to get underway, and get things done. I'm content to have a little while longer to make sure that I've formulated my thoughts properly, and in such a way that I can express them.

God bless.

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Monday, May 18th, 2009
9:34 pm - ETD30
Today I felt very academic. I was in the UL at 9.15, and left at 18.30, with one supervision and an hour for lunch thrown in there. Hello final year! And that is basically the extent of my day. Just went for half-price curry over the road, standard Monday night, and it was good. Very good.

Early bed tonight, then back to the UL tomorrow morning! Not in the rare books room though - did that this morning, it really was quite an experience!

I wonder how Tobias has got on today? I know he hasn't blogged, so I have no idea how his day has been. OK that's not quite true. I spoke to him earlier, and know how his day has been. But blogs always reveal a different spin...!

Love to you all.

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Sunday, May 17th, 2009
2:05 pm - ETDs 28 and 29
As Tobias has pointed out, I forgot to blog yesterday. How remiss of me. Apologies to you all.

Yesterday was quite a busy day. Lots of work done, especially in the UL - that place is so intense! Managed to catch the second half of the rugby premiership final; it was, unsurprisingly, a pretty nervy affair. I feel a bit bad for Mike Catt that Irish didn't win, but Leicester did what they always seem to do. Grr.

And then in the evening 'twas Eurovision time. The Norwegian entry was pretty good, to be fair, but I wasn't sure it deserved to win by quite so much! I wanted the Danes to win, if we didn't, but that's probably only because Ronan Keating co-wrote it, and the sound was quite 'British'.

Today it's work work work before church in the evening. Just had brunch with serenasnape and Alastair at Robinson, which was lovely - doesn't really put you in the mood to work though! But I must.

After I've put some underwear in the washing machine...

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Friday, May 15th, 2009
10:12 pm - ETD27
I don't know why, but I'm a little bit down this evening. I'm having a can of Stella, and hoping that helps...! Maybe it's just general exam term malaise, or maybe it's the upset of the result not going my way, which I have until now been staving off.

More work today, lots of reading, and then 2 hours of rugby late afternoon, which was great - really nice to have a run-out, do some abs work etc. Tomorrow I'm going to the UL to work, get a change of venue, and then we're having a Eurovision party here in the evening, which will be fun.

I don't know why I'm so grumpy. I want to cheer up! I wonder if Tobias is down? Probably not. As he himself once said, "I don't really have issues"...

Love to you all.

current mood: grumpy

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Thursday, May 14th, 2009
7:39 pm - ETD26
Another day. Had a bit of a nap this afternoon, probably not conducive to work! But if I needed it then I needed it, so it's probably for the best! I had a disturbed night's sleep last night, so the nap was essential.

I am writing this blog as Amy, Tobias, Dearbhla and Lauren are all laying on my bed! The girls are teasing him, pretending (?!) they'll show him their breasts. It's pretty funny.

"I'm a genie in a bottle, you've gotta rub me the right way."

"Isn't it weird, cos Christina Aguilera was a virgin at one point."

Two of the classic comments that have just been made. Hilarious.

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